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How a quadcopter is born? This educative video shows how a quadcopter is born, and of course its maiden flight.  I had to... more
Main Building U of G The space I use to do flight tests is actually gorgeous, and I use it just because is outside my... more University of Glasgow main building
TEGO indoor position control This large video is about the project that Murray and me have being doing in the MAST Lab. It's... more TEGO during hover test
TEGO slow mo crash So, I change motors, ESC's and props to the TEGOv3 frame and did a quick test, only to find out it... more Moment of the catch
TEGO quadrotor position control First automatic position control test's with the series of quadrotors TEGO, 3D printed multicopters... more TEGOv3.1
Bonfire & AlduxQuad Your quadcopter might be cool, but not as cool as a quadcopter fliying over a impressive bonfire (... more
AlduxTri I was a little bit sad at the end of the summer, my favorite designer had left , so, to cheer me up... more Carbon fiber arms, motors and ESC's
TEGO v3   This is yet another version of a 3D printed quadrotor, pointed to be one of the workhorses of my... more Final design
AlduxQuad and Flock This summer, I did a roadtrip with some friends, across Scotland, and of course, I HAD to take my... more Hostel Fort Augustus
3D printed gimbal   For my project I need to design and build a two axis mechanical gimbal... A gimbal is a pivoted... more From 3D to real
Altitude test   Pues bueno... lets do a altitute test, I wanted cool pictures of my surroundings and of course... more
Glasgow Science Festival Some colleagues and I, participated on this years Glasgow Science Festival, I took AlduxQuad and... more 15 min fame
3D printed Quadrotor Do you remember TEGO??? It was involved in a small accident during the Glasgow Science Festival...... more TEGO v2 in action
3D printer awesomeness   At the department in the University we require to build all sorts of stuff, so, I made the casual... more Original package
TEGO Micro quad This is a quadrotor build intended for making quick tests and flights of FC, so far this cool and... more Getting all together
First automatic flight   Mmmmm, how to begin????.... Well, simply by saying that this is my first flight doing waypoint... more Waypoint goodness
Angry dog It was a beautiful day in sunny Glasgow... So, the buddies at the office decided to go to have... more Angry dog
Flying from the computer The next part of my quad-rotors project is to control them via the computer. Having that sorted, I... more
Scottish Highlands flight   During February 2013 I took a wee winter break, rented a car, put some luggage and of course... more Araña voladora
TED Talks - Bobby McFerrin   I like TED talks, I enjoy watching them and of course there is always something to learn about... more
Taking pictures with the GoPro   The GoPro is a camera originally desing to take videos... but, you can definetly take very cool... more Scottish Highlands
University of Glasgow Flights   I was getting really tired to always flight inside the lab... AlduxQuad is built to fly outside... more West Quadrangle
AlduxQuad crash   Well... what did you expect??? any RC pilot eventually has to crash... :) This was a "fortunate"... more Duhhhh moment
First onboard camera flight   After some videos and getting more comfortable flying the quadrotor, I put a nice GoPro Hero 3... more Superman!
AlduxQuad maiden flight   After building and testing AlduxQuad (showed on past R&D post here), I perform the first... more Alduxquad first flight
Hirobo GPH346   Since I was really young I always wanted to have and fly a radio controlled (RC) helicopter, but... more GPH346
AlduxBike   Aldux as any normal human being, requires some way of transportation...  Alduxbike is a... more Box
Building AlduxQuad   Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) have become an increasingly area of study in the last years.... more Nuts and bolts



My name is Aldo Vargas, I am a Ph.D. Research Student in the Aerospace Sciences Research Division at the University of Glasgow. My main topic rounds about UAS, and my research interest lies in the intersection of control, neural networks, reservoir computing, mechatronics.

I can describe myself as follows:

Adrenaline junkie, mechatronics engineer, motorcycle rider, lego enthusiast, UAV designer, diver.

This page will serve mainly two purposes, the first one as personal blog and the second as researchers log. I really hope you enyot it reading as much as I enjoyed building the site and writing the articles. Bear in mind that all pages have the option of comments, so, feel free to register to the site and comment if you want to. If you need to contact me, do it here

Happy reading!! wink